What is bonding or filling, and why you might need them?

One might need bonding or a filling in the aftermath of tooth decay, cracks, or cavities. It is a mixture of resin agents that is applied to the area that needs bonding or filling. Bonding can help with many noticeable flaws such as discoloration, cosmetic changes, or any injury.

How does the procedure work?

The bonding or filling material is a composite resin that mostly matches the color of your teeth. It is used to bond teeth or fills the cavity. It is also very effective for making aesthetically pleasing changes. Once the resin composite is applied, it is shaped to appear natural and blend in. Once cured, it forms a strong bond and can last for 7-8 years with proper care.

Taking proper care of your bonded teeth

It is important to take good care of the bonding or filling in your teeth. Makes sure that you don't smoke or drink a lot of coffee as that can leave a stain. Maintain a regular schedule of oral examinations and proper hygiene habits. Let go of habits such as chewing ice or your fingernails. If you have fillings in the front teeth, you can wear a mouth guard at night to protect them. By practicing these measures, you will increase the life span of the bonding as well as keep your oral health cost-effective.

Is composite bonding/filing for me?

Good candidates for bonding are those with cracked or stained teeth(cosmetic) due to decay or old silver fillings. You should not be a heavy smoker or coffee drinker. If you want a less invasive, cost-effective option to have an esthetically pleasing smile, then composite fillings are for you.

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