Oral Surgery/ Tooth Extraction

Oral Surgery/ Tooth Extraction

Why do people need to get tooth extraction?

If you are facing discomfort due to infection or a broken tooth that is non restorable, the only option left for you might be getting that tooth extracted. However, before you resort to this option, you may consult a dentist for a tooth repair and only go through with the extractions if all the other options fail to deliver.

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of discomfort. They can cause problems for the adjacent tooth and embed into the jawbone, whether they are in or just coming in with angulation impacting other teeth as well. If faced with such a situation, a dental surgeon can extract the affected teeth and save you from continuous irritation.

How many types of tooth extraction are there?

Usually, there are two types of basic tooth extraction based on the condition of your tooth.

  • Simple Extraction
  • Surgical Extraction

The removal of a tooth that is readily apparent in the mouth is called a simple extraction. This could mean extracting a tooth that is heavily affected or decomposed or extracting teeth before getting braces. A simple removal involves a procedure where the dentist loosens the tooth with the help of an elevator and then uses forceps to remove the tooth.

Another method of extraction is surgical extraction. This is for when the tooth is hidden beneath the gums or is not visible. Wisdom teeth are typically extracted surgically, and the affected tooth will be extracted through a small incision in your gum.

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