Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

What is a teeth whitening process?

There are many reasons for discolored teeth. Some people naturally have a yellower bone color, while other people are smokers or frequent coffee drinkers. This can leave obvious and uncanny stains on your teeth. The teeth whitening process is quite simple and can be done by the dentist in just one visit.

There are a few requirements before a patient is cleared for a teeth whitening session. They have to have healthy gums and have to get a complete scaling and polishing before they start the procedure.

It might be a bit sensitive to extreme temperatures during the procedure but is usually fine after that.

Whitening is only usually done on natural teeth since veneers or fillings are made from material that doesn’t stain or go yellow over time.

What happens during a tooth whitening procedure?

When you apply a whitening solution to your teeth, the hydrogen peroxide in the solution penetrates the enamel. The oxidation process then begins, in which molecules are altered to reflect less or no light. This gives them a colorless appearance and white teeth. This method is quite good in removing stains and can be performed several times.

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