It is due to some infection that your gums are swollen around one tooth. It is known as an abscessed tooth, and it is very painful. If you are not able to treat this infection at a time, then there are many chances that the infection may spread around, and it can cause many other serious dental problems. There are different causes of this type of dental swelling. In most cases, it is due to poor dental hygiene. Sometimes the food particles remain between the tooth and the gum line, which causes infection.

This type of gum swelling is also due to some dental diseases like periodontal diseases, that is most common in people aged 30 years or more. If your gum is swollen around one tooth, then you can use different home remedies to get rid of this painful dental inflammation. You can use different types of best antiseptic mouthwash for this purpose. A salt water rinse is also the best remedy to treat swollen gums. There are also different types of medical treatments available if you are gum swelling becomes worse. Following are some main causes of swollen gums around one tooth.

Poor dental  hygiene

If your gums are swollen around one tooth, then one of the main reasons for this is poor dental hygiene. Sometimes after eating food, the food debris and the food particles become trapped between your teeth and gum line. Brushing and flossing are the best way to remove these types of food particles and debris. If you do not use brushing or flossing after eating food to remove the debris, then it can cause your gums to swell around the tooth. Due to this reason, it is advised to brush your teeth twice a day to stay away from all types of dental diseases.

Periodontal Disease

According to the survey and research in the world, it has been proved that people aged 30 years or more have different forms of gum diseases. This condition is caused due to the bacteria that build up around the gum line and make a soft and colourless film around your tooth. In the early stage, you have red and swollen gums. But if the condition remains untreated, then this inflammation can cause a more sensitive condition that is known as periodontitis. It can cause your teeth to lose, your bone to wear away, and your teeth may also fall out due to this disease.


This is the small sack of puss in the gums That is caused due to the bacterial infection. Most of the time, the bacteria reach the blood vessels in the inner chamber of your tooth as a result of tooth decay or a broken tooth, and it can cause an abscessed tooth. Early signs are redness or swollen gums; your jaw or face can also get affected due to this. You can also face fever and a salty taste in your mouth due to the abscessed tooth. It is very important to consult your dentist if you are facing this type of swollen tooth. In most cases, they are not dangerous, but in some cases, there are rare chances of the infection spreading around, and it can cause serious complications.

Other important causes

There are also some other causes that can cause the gum to be swollen around one tooth. These other causes are the following.

These are some other causes that can also become the reason for soul and gum around one tooth. You must need to keep in your mind all these things to treat your swollen gums.

How to treat swollen gums

There are different treatments that you can use to treat your swollen gums. There are also many home remedies that you can use to get rid of painful and irritating teeth. Some of these are the following.

Antiseptic mouthwash

It cannot help you to remove the existing infection from your teeth, but it can help to control the infection. Due to this reason, it is important to use an antiseptic mouthwash immediately when you feel this type of infection in your tooth to control it.

Salt water rinse

Different researches and surveys show that salt water solution can help you to improve your Swollen gums. You are advised to use the salt water solution for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. It can help you to control your dental inflammation


Your gums around one tooth are swollen because of an infection. It is extremely painful and is referred to as an abscessed tooth. There are numerous chances that the infection can spread and result in additional major dental issues if you are unable to cure it at the time. If your gums are swollen around one tooth, then one of the main reasons for this is poor dental hygiene.

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