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Dental veneer

What is a Dental Veneer, and why might you need it?

A dental veneer is a thin covering that is placed on the front part of the tooth. It matches your teeth in color, shape, and size. Dental Veneer blend in perfectly with your teeth and are very hard to detect.

The general purpose of a veneer is to make the teeth appear better than they are. In many cases that can't be solved with filling in bonding, they use a veneer to cover the front of the teeth to make their appearance better. Veneers can alter the shape, size, and color of your teeth.

What is the procedure for getting a Dental veneer?

To start, the dentist cleans and preps your tooth for the procedure. The dentist ensures that there is enough space to bond a veneer; they have to file a bit in some cases. A temporary veneer is created using removable glue. During that time, the patient has to take special care and avoid hard foods. The temporary veneers are worn for a few days to figure out any problems or wrong angles. After that, the actual veneer is fabricated and ready to be bonded to the tooth.

Why do people choose veneers?

Dental veneers are so much more effective than filling or bonding. Veneers are more aesthetically pleasing and good for appearance. Veneers transform a person's smile from average to very eye-catching and attractive.


Delta Dental plans vary, but they typically do not cover elective cosmetic procedures like veneers. Coverage may be available for medically necessary veneers in certain cases. Check your specific plan details for coverage information.

The cost of dental veneers varies widely, ranging from $500 to $2,500 per tooth, depending on factors like the type of veneer, location, dentist’s expertise, and additional procedures needed.

Dental veneers are not considered permanent. They typically last 10-15 years or longer with proper care but may need replacement due to wear or damage over time.

Yes, you can eat with dental veneers, but it’s recommended to avoid biting into extremely hard or sticky foods to prevent damage or dislodging. Normal eating is fine.

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