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Root Canal treatment in Washington DC and Burke VA

A root canal is required by someone with extreme tooth decay and infectious roots. By performing a root canal, the process of decaying can be stopped, and the tooth can be saved. During a root canal, the doctors can get rid of the infected pulp. It is then obturated and capped. Over time depending on success and severity, the infection heals.

Symptoms and Reasons of Root Canal

Recognize signs like severe toothache or changes in tooth color indicating an infected root pulp. Reasons for root canals include infection, tooth decay, dead tooth nerve, trauma, or fractures. Timely intervention is crucial.

Preventing Root Canals: Embrace Proactive Dental Care

Regular Checkups: Avoid the need for root canal therapy with regular checkups. We catch cavities early, preventing infections. Address cracked or chipped teeth promptly to avoid pulp infections.

Cost Considerations:

Root canal costs vary based on individual needs. Dental insurance often covers a portion. Our staff assists in clarifying insurance coverage and procedure costs.

What is the procedure for a root canal?

It used to take more than one visit to the dentist to complete a root canal procedure, but development and progression in dentistry now allow for the procedure to be completed in just one visit.

At first, the X-ray is taken to determine where and how much the damage is. The dentist next uses local anesthesia to numb the area that is to be worked on. They make sure that the operational area stays clean and dry using a rubber dam. Starting the procedure, they drill into the tooth and remove all the decay, puss, and infected matter. After this step, they use small files to clean and disinfect the canals.

The canals are then filled with gutta-percha. A crown is recommended for all posterior root canal-treated teeth. For anterior teeth, your dentist will make the best recommendation depending on the amount of missing tooth structure.

Your Trusted Partner in Dental Care: Smile Experts Dental

At Smile Experts Dental, we understand the importance of your oral health. Our experienced team combines advanced technology with a compassionate approach, making your root canal experience stress-free. If you're experiencing symptoms of tooth damage, contact Dental near you today for an evaluation and consultation. Trust us to deliver high-quality care tailored to your unique needs.


A root canal procedure typically takes 1 to 2 hours. The exact time may vary based on the tooth’s complexity and the dentist’s experience.

During a root canal procedure, you should not feel pain as the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the area. Some discomfort may occur afterward, but it’s manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Recovery from a root canal usually takes a few days to a few weeks. The exact healing time varies depending on the tooth’s condition and your overall oral health.

Yes, you can typically drive after a root canal procedure, as the local anesthesia used will wear off, allowing you to regain full control of your faculties.

No, root canal procedures do not cause cancer. There is no scientific evidence supporting a link between root canals and cancer development.

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