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Common Dental Problems​ & Fillings

Sign Indicating You Need a Dental Filling

Not sure if you require a dental filling? Your regular exam will provide certainty, but watch out for signs like toothaches, sensitivity to temperature, visible cracks, dark spots, or swollen and bleeding gums. These are cues that it's time to consider a dental filling.

What is the Purpose of Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings serve as the remedy for cavities—those small but impactful holes in teeth. Our process involves adeptly removing decay, replacing it with a material that safeguards against future decay, and shields the tooth's root and internal structures from bacterial harm. Experience the strength and health our fillings bring to your smile.

Are Dental Fillings Painful?

Concerned about pain during the filling process? Fear not. With the use of local anesthesia, dental fillings are typically painless. Small cavities may not even require anesthesia. Feel free to discuss any concerns with our dentists beforehand for a more comfortable experience.

How does the filling procedure work?

The bonding or filling material is a composite resin that mostly matches the color of your teeth. It is used to bond teeth or fill the cavity. It is also very effective for making aesthetically pleasing changes. Once the resin composite is applied, it is shaped to appear natural and blend in. Once cured, it forms a strong bond and can last for 7-8 years with proper care.

Taking proper care of your bonded teeth

It is important to take good care of the bonding or filling in your teeth. Make sure that you don't smoke or drink a lot of coffee as that can leave a stain. Maintain a regular schedule of oral examinations and proper hygiene habits. Let go of habits such as chewing ice or your fingernails. If you have fillings in the front teeth, you can wear a mouthguard at night to protect them. By practicing these measures, you will increase the lifespan of the bonding as well as keep your oral health cost-effective.

Is composite bonding/filing for me?

Good candidates for bonding are those with cracked or stained teeth (cosmetic) due to decay or old silver fillings. You should not be a heavy smoker or coffee drinker. If you want a less invasive, cost-effective option to have an esthetically pleasing smile, then composite fillings are for you.

Schedule Your Dental Filling Appointment Today

If you suspect a cavity, don't hesitate. Contact the dedicated team at Smile Experts Dental for a comprehensive evaluation. Our years of experience and commitment to patient well-being enable us to deliver high-quality dental care. We not only fix cavities but also enhance your overall dental health. Let us restore your smile – book your appointment today!


Teeth filling is usually not painful during the procedure because dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area. Afterward, you may experience some temporary discomfort or sensitivity.

In most cases, getting veneers involves some tooth preparation, which often includes minimal filing or reshaping of the teeth to ensure a proper fit and appearance for the veneers

Filling teeth can involve removing some enamel to create space for the filling material. However, modern techniques aim to minimize enamel removal to preserve tooth structure.

You can find teeth filling services in the USA at dental clinics, private dental practices, and community health centers. Start by contacting a local dentist to schedule an appointment.

Dental Filling Service in Washington DC and Burke, VA

Fillings and Bonding in the aftermath of tooth decay, cracks, or cavities. It is a mixture of resin agents that is applied to the area that needs bonding or filling. Bonding can help with many noticeable flaws, such as discoloration, cosmetic changes, or any injury.

Concerned about a potential cavity? Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that over 80% of individuals will encounter at least one cavity by age 34. Addressing this common issue is paramount to prevent further tooth decay or damage. Smile Experts Dental, with over a decade of expertise, stands ready to provide top-notch dental fillings tailored to your needs.

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